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The company has regularly been active in Ecuador since 2008 in association with the National Dance Company of Ecuador, the University of Manta - Manabi Province, the Cities of Manta, Quito and Guayaquil and the Manta por la danza and Fragmentos de Junio ​​festivals.


David Guasgua, former dancer of the company intervenes regularly and assists Hervé Koubi in his projects in connection with Ecuador. He notably recreated the play Les heures flourissants at the Contemporary Art Center in Quito.


"It's not my dancers but Ecuadorian dancers from all walks of life who will be the messengers and passers of time and work.
It is through the transmission that we can best question our relationship to time and the living and so precisely elsewhere.
How does the living go through time? Through the transmission of dancer to dancer, from smuggler to smuggler, how does the work cross the time? What will remain of us? What footprint, what trace can we leave?
Quest probably vain but so beautiful that probably brings us back to our human condition. "

Hervé KOUBI - note of transmission to David Guasgua