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Babel will be another milestone of the Mediterranean project, based its foundation on the composition of a team of dancers met between Europe and Africa. As many nations (Italy, France, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel ...), so many influences, as many choreographic formations, as many cultures and yet a common membership, belonging to the Mediterranean basin.


"The Babel myth symbolizes the diversity of languages. Rather than conceiving of this linguistic multiplicity as an obstacle, I prefer to see it as a chance for mankind. It establishes, by its diversity, the conditions of the otherness and the "biodiversity" of the men, which force the townsmen to be civilized and where the city becomes then a crucible of humanity.
"Happy fault" is the building of the Tower of Babel, symbol of the self-sufficiency of man and his confinement in the imaginary circle where he never meets his own image! Distributed divine to this new original sin, the diversification of languages ​​appears as a "blessing", because opening, like the city, the meeting between cultures. The post-Babel is the time of communication, described as "the proposition of an experience by arousing another".


François Marty The Blessing of Babel. Truth and communication.



"So I want to seize history, open my eyes, slide towards the other, run to freedom, shout beauty.This beauty that beyond wars speaks of marriage, the one who gathers, who turns his back on any claim to identity, the one that takes the best of everyone, that in its history, its otherness and its origins anyway hybridized anyway, pays tribute to it as a hymn.A Mediterranean that holds for me so many bright lights where blindness and rustling are the golden letters of a lost secret, that of the absolute agreement of our desire and our destiny, to our common origins, which all cross in the Occitan, Eastern and Provençal Mediterranean. , Spanish, Italian, Maghreb, Roman, Greek ... We are first and foremost of the Mediterranean and that is our belonging, it is older than the nations.

Hervé Koubi - Excerpt from working papers - September 2016