The slaughterhouses, fantasy ...

-Les abattoirs, fantaisie...-











"Hervé Koubi is one of those choreographers who
claim loudy, a generosity,

an irrepressible urge, a pleasure to dance.
The charm and the commitment of such a project do not leave indifferent ".

Sébastien Bertaud – 14 september 2004 
Le journal du pays basque
















































Five years ago I fell in love with the traditional music from the centre of France, which was previously totally unknown to me, and I would never have imagined to what point they would cause me to question myself. Through Les abattoirs, fantasie…& I would like to share a sensitive but critical view on what touches me and on the elements which have inspired and constructed me.

Courtly dance, night clubs and rave parties, village dances and video clips are amongst many types of presentation – ‘clichées’ or exagerations – from a society which likes to dance in public.

Meanwhile I ask myself endlessly what could be hidden behind the apparent reality of these images which we sometimes form into strange phenomenon. The sense of life raised through dance has always moved the masses, persuaded that they hold onto a universal fashion. However, beyond catagorised genres, people dance to traditional music as they dance to electronic music and they tirelessly continue because ‘living’ has eternally rhymed with ‘dance’.

Les abattoirs, fantasie…& is perhaps only a show which has a single aim of creating the urge to dance but the abattoirs are my own fantasy, and it is up to you to make your own…






Choreography: Hervé KOUBI
Choreographic Assistant: Guillaume Gabriel
Assistant to the direction: David Gauchard
Interpretation: Aline Courivaud-Jaulin, Olivier Durif, Guillaume Gabriel, Grégory Jolivet, Mamajung Kim, Jean Malbernard, Guillaume Marie, Thomas Regnier, Rolando Rocha and Laurent Rousseau.
Voice-over: Isabelle Machado
Lighting design: Claire Debar


Production: Compagnie Hervé Koubi, City of Cannes Direction of Cultural Affairs - Made in Cannes, Town of Brive-la-Gaillarde Cultural season
Co-production: National Ballet of Marseille National Choreographic Center / Ballet Biarritz National Choreographic Center / National School of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art of Brive-la-Gaillarde / Semaphore of Cébazat Conventional stage / Puy-en-Velay Theater
Acknowledgments: The Auvergnat Album - commissioned by the ADDMD 63 - served as a laboratory and prefigured the creation Les abattoirs, fantaisie ... Thanks to all the artistic team of the Album Auvergnat and Thanks to Delphine Perrin and Yvan Karvaix for support and confidence



18 November 2004: Theater of Puy en Velay
19 November 2004: Theater of Puy en Velay
26 November 2004: Theater of Brive la Gaillarde
30 November 2004: Semaphore of Cébazat Conventional stage
1st December 2004: Semaphore of Cébazat Conventional stage
10 December 2004: Théâtre la licorne Festival Made in Cannes
14 January 2005: Space Coevrons in Evrons
15 February 2005: Espace Agora in Boulazac
21 February 2005: Theater Gréco de Carros
22 February 2005: Theater Gréco de Carros
26 March 2005: Cultural Hall of Marvejols
8 April 2005: Margerit d'Isle Cultural Center
20 May 2005: Cultural Center of Bergerac
27 May 2005: Cultural Center of Sarlat
28 May 2005: Festival detours of Gaillac
25 June 2005: Theater of Aurillac